Understanding the Filipino Worker and the Organization, 2nd Ed.

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Everyday, two-thirds of Filipinos spend eight to twelve hours earning a living and will do so for most of our lives. Work and organizations are therefore vital factors that shape our well-being and quality of life. On the other hand, the success of an organization is also dependent on how well it can harness its human resources. To know and understand organizational theory then is vital, but, although a plethora of Western theories on workers and organizations exist, they have not always been applicable in a Philippine context.

This book addresses this lack by presenting theories, local research findings, practices, and case studies to help leaders and students better understand the Filipino worker and organization. It describes the impact of the global economy to Philippine organizations and the factors that influence organization structure and culture. Finally, it presents Philippine research findings on communication, leadership, team effectiveness, and organization development, and explores special issues such as generational differences, managing expatriates, women and gender, ethics and corruption, spirituality, and corporate social responsibility.