Parent and Peer Influences on Adolescent Delinquent Behavior and the Mediating Role of Self-Regulation

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This study examined the influence of parent and peer variables on delinquent behavior, and explored whether the relationships were mediated by adolescent self-regulation. Two hundred thirty-eight third- and fourth year Filipino high school students responded to measures of parental induction and power-assertive discipline, parental nurturance, self regulation, peer delinquency, and self-reported delinquency. Correlation analysis indicated that power-assertive discipline and peer delinquency were associated with higher levels of delinquency and lower self-regulation. Conversely, inductive discipline and nurturance were associated with less delinquency and higher self-regulation. Regression analysis showed that peer delinquency and self-regulation contributed significantly to the prediction of delinquent behavior. Tests of mediation revealed that self regulation fully mediated the influence of parents' power-assertive and nurturing behaviors and partially mediated the influence of peers ' delinquency on delinquent behavior.