Employee Intention to Stay in an Organization: Examining the Role of Calling and Perceived Supervisor Support Through the Theoretical Lens of Work as Calling

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This study offers new perspectives on employees’ intention to stay in organizations by examining the role of calling and perceived supervisor support (PSS). Drawing from work as calling theory (WCT) and utilizing survey data collected in the Philippines (Study 1; n = 338), we found that perceiving a calling is positively and significantly related to intention to stay and that PSS serves as a moderating variable. To further assess the mechanism that links perceiving a calling with intention to stay, we conducted a second study, after 6 months, focusing on the employee’s state of living out the calling. Using another survey data set collected in the Philippines (Study 2; n = 379), we found that living a calling serves as a mediating variable that influences the relationship between perceiving a calling and intention to stay, which is further strengthened by PSS. Theoretical and practical implications are fully discussed.