Engaging the family in recovery: Outcomes of a community-based family intervention

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The Katatagan Kontra Droga para sa Komunidad (KKDK) is a Filipino community-based drug recovery program that addresses individual and family issues. This study explores the changes in the family after the drug users completed the program. Surveys and interviews were used to evaluate changes in family support, quality of family life, and substance use disorder (SUD) symptoms. Results show participants perceived signifcant increase in family support and quality of family life, as well as decrease in SUD symptoms. Their family members also reported individual and familial changes in the participants as a result of the program. They showed remorse, became more responsible, and communicated better after going through the intervention. There was also an improvement in quality of family life, religious rituals, and time spent with the family. Implications on community-based drug recovery programs focusing on family changes are discussed.