Surface analysis and characterization of atmospheric pressure argon-plasma jet treated methyl methacrylate monomer films

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An atmospheric pressure plasma jet setup was used to treat methyl methacrylate monomer, using argon plasma at varying treatment times. Treated samples were then poured onto glass slides and allowed to dry to form a thin-film. Surface characterization was performed using wettability analysis, AFM, XPS and FTIR. Treated samples, ranging from 10–25 min of treatment time all exhibited increased hydrophobic property compared to plain glass and untreated monomer film on glass slide samples. The 20 min treated sample exhibited the highest hydrophobic property with an average contact angle of 92.40°. The upper error bound contact angle value for this parameter is nearly as high as that of commercial MMA. XPS analysis showed a decrease in the presence of O1s peaks for the 20 min treated sample as compared to the untreated control. This supports wettability data, as the presence of polar oxygen bonds would lead to more hydrophilic surfaces.