Generating Elliptical Zero-Order Bessel Beams with a Tilted Diffraction Grating

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Our current work discusses an alternative cost-effective method for producing elliptical zero-order Bessel beams with a simple optical system based on a commercially available transmission grating. A zero-order Bessel beam is made to pass through a diffraction grating with a groove density of 600 lines per mm. An elliptical Bessel beam intensity profile is obtained with the 1st-order (m = 1) diffracted beam when the grating is rotated about an axis parallel to the grating vector. For a grating tilted by 20 deg from the vertical, non-diffraction of the elliptical Bessel beam is observed over a propagation range from 10 to 95 cm with an average core diameter of 404 um. The elliptical Bessel beam at m = 1 has an eccentricity of 0.6 for a grating tilt of 20 deg.