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The conversion of waste and by-products into green building materials is gaining attention for a sustainable economy. Particularly, rice husk ash (RHA) is used as a precursor in self-compacting concrete due to its high pozzolanic activity. It also minimizes the use of conventional OPC as a primary binder during construction by exploiting its chemical features and characteristics as an alternative binding agent. Developing and mass-producing RHA as a cementitious material would lessen the carbon footprint that harms the environment. This study presents the compressive strength and microstructural characterizations of rice husk ash-based self-compacting concrete (RHA-SCC). The scanning electron microscope was utilized to determine the morphological images of RHA-SCC. The compressive strengths of 7, 28, and 90-day curing periods were also checked to relate how strength is developed from various sets of mixture proportions.

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