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In this paper, we introduced a Henstock-type integral named $N$-integral of a real valued function $f$ on a closed and bounded interval $[a,b]$. The $N$-integrable functions lie entirely between Riemann integrable functions and Henstock integrable functions. It was shown that for a Henstock integrable function $f$ on $[a,b]$ the following are equivalent: \begin{enumerate} \item[$(1)$] The function $f$ is $N$-integrable; \item[$(2)$] There exists a null set $S$ for which given $\epsilon >0$ there exists a gauge $\delta$ such that for any $\delta$-fine partial division $D=\{(\xi,[u,v])\}$ of $[a,b]$ we have \[(\phi_S(D)\cap \Gamma_{\epsilon})\sum |f(v)-f(u)||v-u|<\epsilon\] where $\phi_S(D)=\{(\xi,[u,v])\in D:\xi \notin S\}$ and \[\Gamma_{\epsilon}=\{(\xi,[u,v]): |f(v)-f(u)|\geq \epsilon\}\] \end{enumerate} and \begin{enumerate} \item[$(3)$] The function $f$ is continuous almost everywhere. \end{enumerate} A characterization of continuous almost everywhere functions was also given.