Preserving Cultural Heritage through Entrepreneurship: Of Possibilities and Possible Pitfalls

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Asia’s splendid heritage is at risk—from rapid economic growth, government neglect, and poorly managed tourism. But some people have become deeply, passionately, and actively involved in protecting Asia’s heritage—as activists, organizers, critics, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs. In this book, twelve principal authors, all Asians, from eleven of the region’s countries, present their experience of what has been done in the past, and their ideas on what should be done in the future.

The Western experience with managing heritage needs now to be extended with concepts and practices relevant to Asia. The legal framework for protecting heritage must be brought up to date. Intangible heritage deserve more attention. Citizens and local communities are often the best guardians of their own heritage. Organizations and campaigns that draw on both public and private resources can be very effective. The heritage and environmental movements can gain from cooperation. Protecting heritage can be good for business, but it requires discipline and vision.

This book records the start of a conversation which promises to transform the protection of Asia’s heritage tomorrow.