Law for Art's Sake: An Introduction to Gobbledygook

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“My painting was used for a calendar without my permission. Do I have any right to collect anything at all?” “The gallery owner trimmed my painting’s canvas so that it will fit the frame. He said this was okay since he was not violating my copyright. Is he correct?” “A big company bought my painting for P1 million, a really good price! But the painting was reproduced on company T-shirts and umbrellas that were given away for Christmas. Did the company have the right to do it? These are just some of legally contentious issues that the author addresses in an attempt to clarify concepts in Philippine law affecting art-related transactions that for some reason continue to elude definitive interpretation. The author has written the book in a conversational and easy-to-understand manner. Interesting visuals accompany some discussions to better illustrate and show more concretely what judges really mean in their court decisions—a respite for readers who may at some point experience ennui from all the legal gobbledygook.