Role of Human Resources in Memorable Customer Experience

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The realm of customer experience in marketing is constantly evolving due in no small part to technological advancements. This article tackles the significance of human resources and how it is threatened by artificial intelligence. It presents a significant contribution by introducing a critical realist theory emphasizing the pivotal role of human resources in fostering customer experience. Drawing inspiration from Jaccard and Jaccoby, a positivist explanatory theory was initially formulated based on existing literature, which was then refined into a critical realist causal theory using Sayer's established principles. Transitioning to a critical realist approach leads to more robust and nuanced theoretical development. By delving into the underlying causal mechanisms and considering the influence of social structures and context, the critical realist theory in this paper provides a deeper understanding of customer experience. Future researchers are encouraged to put these theoretical frameworks to the test to advance the design of customer experience management while preserving its humanistic aspect and avoiding an undue emphasis on economic gains.