Feedback-Guided Analysis as an Approach to Managing Sustainability in ASEAN Countries

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Innovation has been at the center of most science policies of the ASEAN countries; driven as they are by a greater concern for the competitive advantages that can come from science and technology. Related to these policies; although often treated separately; are policies on the environment and environmental education. What is missing; however; is a more comprehensive view of how both science and environmental policies influence and are influenced by the culture and well-being of the people in a particular country. This study attempts to fill in the blanks through feedback-guided analysis; particularly by using a cultural adaptation template introduced by Newell and Proust (2017b). It studies four subsystems and seven links; and shows how ASEAN science and environment policies; cultural paradigms; the state of ecosystems; and human health and well-being affect each other directly or indirectly. The cultural adaptation template indicates the need for a systems-thinking approach in managing innovation or the implementation of policy to ensure that well-meaning initiatives may not lead to unintended consequences.