Measuring the Green Core Competence of the Electronics Industry

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The study is an exploration of the green core competence of semiconductor firms listed with the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines (SEIPI). It aims to explore the positive effects of the green innovation and electronics industry. Furthermore, the study is an adaptation and longitudinal conventional approach of Yu-Shan Chen's work Driver of Green Innovation and Green Image-Green Core Competence. In a survey of the firms' top management, results showed that the green core competence of firms is positively correlated only to green images and green process innovation performances. However, the green core competence is negatively correlated to green product innovation. This means that the Philippine electronics companies do not make any effort to positively contribute to the environment when choosing their products' materials since they are merely subcontractors of major companies abroad.

The study also found that green core competence, green product innovation performance, green process innovation performance, and green images of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were all significantly less than those of large enterprises in the Philippine semiconductor and electronics industry. Furthermore, those companies in introductory and maturity stages of development are highly negatively correlated in terms of green core competence and green product innovation as compared to those companies in the growth stage of their innovation development. This indicates that green product innovation develops at a slower rate than do green process innovation.