Interpretation of Ground Magnetic Data in Suyoc, Mankayan Mineral District, Philippines

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Ground magnetic surveys conducted in Suyoc, Mankayan, Benguet led to the delineation of features related to epithermal and porphyry copper targets in the area. High reduced to equator (RTE) anomalies are observed in areas with epithermal mineralization. The high RTE anomalies are attributed to hydrothermally altered rock with quartz veins. The previously recognized porphyry copper prospect in Palasaan (Mohong Hill) is characterized by low RTE anomaly surrounded by a high RTE anomaly. One explanation for this signature is the possible presence of a magnetic core and the destruction or absence of magnetite in the alteration haloes at the periphery of a porphyry prospect. Areas such as Mangga and Liten exhibit the same magnetic signatures. This distinct magnetic pattern coupled with observed alteration and mineralization signatures led to the interpretation of prospective blind porphyry deposits in these localities. Results of the study reveal the applicability of ground magnetic data in characterizing and extracting a potential area of mineralized zones at a regional scale.