Bouguer Anomaly of Central Cebu, Philippines

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Cebu Island in Central Philippines consists of a Cretaceous basement complex capped by mostly Tertiary sedimentary units. Recent mapping conducted in Central Cebu revealed limited exposures of lithologies, especially those comprising the basement complex. The gravity method was utilized to generate Bouguer anomaly maps for Central Cebu. These geophysical maps provide the first images of the subsurface extent of the basement units.

A prominent nearly circular gravity anomaly high is consistently observed in the Bouguer anomaly maps coinciding with the location of dense basement and intrusive rocks. However, field mapping revealed the very limited surface exposure of these units. The gravity highs recognized in the residual anomaly maps may correspond to the larger extent of the intrusive units at depth. The broad gravity high observed in the regional anomaly map may define the extent of the subsurface distribution of the Cretaceous basement complex.