State of the Mangrove Summit: Central and Eastern Visayas Proceedings

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Conference Proceeding

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The 3rd State of the Mangrove Summit aimed to complement the State of the Coast Reports of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI) in providing a more comprehensive overview of the status of coastal ecosystems in the Philippines. The summit provided an opportunity for mangrove managers to discuss the status of mangrove forests in the region.Specifically; the summit was able to accomplish the following objectives: Provide a venue for provinces to share and discuss the status of mangrove forests in the Philippines; especially in the light of climate change vulnerability; Invite experts in the field of mangrove ecology and management; climate change vulnerability; and carbon sequestration to share state-of- the-art knowledge to enrich the workshop and action planning; Consolidate more accurate data from each province; and come up with a plan of action to enhance mangrove management.