Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Communicative Competence in the Language Arts and Multiliteracies Curriculum: A Case Study in Teaching Strategies, Karla Ngitngit

Digging Language on the Ground: English in the Linguistic Schoolscapes of a Philippine State University, Rogelio Panuelos, Jr.

Inter-lingual Re-instantiation in the Process of Police Blotter Writing, Ersweetcel Servano

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

The Grotesque in David Hontiveros’ Craving, Bon Samuel Atienza

The Construction of a Reading Placement Test for Korean English Language Learners Using Linguistic Modification, Isidro Cruz, Jr.

A New Perspective of Mass-Murder: A Political Ontology of Threat Reading to Indonesian Short Stories on the Abortive Communism Coup of 30th September 1965 (G30S), Lukas Henggara Nandamai Herujiyanto

Human Agency in the State-of-the-Nation Addresses of Philippine Presidents in the Fifth Republic, Rafael Michael Paz

The Return of the Native: Narratives of Ethnicity in Comtemporary Indigenous Novels, Rhodora Ranalan

English Native-Speakerism in the Teaching of Oral Communication in a Senior High School in Tarlac City, Myrel Santiago

The Lived Experiences of Secondary English Teachers in the Implementation of a Reading Remediation Program, Angelique Taguba

Radio Waray Siday: The Making of Regional Aurality, Sense, and Affect, Maria Rocini Tenasas

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

The Linguistic Landscape of Amadeo As Coffee Capital of the Philippines, Larry Ambion

The Culinary and Alimentary Tropes of Selected Southeast Asian Literary Texts, Abelardo Belleza

The Habit of Streets: Fragments of Encounters and Modes of Walking in Philippine Poetry in English, Marie Franchesca Borras

Students' Perceptions on the Use of a Model Text in Learning Informative Essay Writing, Developing Autonomy, and Expresssing Authorial Voice, Niña Iuela Cleofas

Value Assumptions of the Teachers in Classroom-based English Language Assessment Practices of Two Private Schools in Laguna, Philippines, Dan Henry Gonzales

Unmasking the Ideologies in Teacher Cognition: The Case of Selected English Language Teachers in Jakarta, Indonesia, Ma. Elaine Lapuz

Iskizofrenyang Pangkami: Ideological Fantasies and Anxieties of Heroes, Historians and History in Jerrold Tarog’s Historical Biopic Series (2015-2018), Lora Marie Lumba

Face Threat Migitation in Written Feedback on Student Compositions in an English Language Classroom, Tanya Namit

Tracing the Hybridity of Fields Avenue through Flanerie, Cindy Sicat