Yaya Maya and the White King

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Ina Guinto certainly does not feel welcome in her new home in Laguna, although Biboy and her father like it. While Mr. Guinto goes to work, they are left in the care of Mayang, whom Biboy likes to call “Yaya Maya.” Ina insists she is too old to have a nanny, but no one listens to her, especially when it’s about wanting to go back to Manila. Then some strange things happen: Yaya Maya talks to frogs, Papa’s bookcase turns to splinter and dust, and someone has left a note wanting Ina and her family to go away.

Who is Yaya Maya? Who—or what—is behind these events? As Ina finds more answers to her questions, and more questions to her answers, will she still want to go back to the home she left in the city?