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The onslaught of the global economic crisis has thrown many workers in different parts of the world out of their jobs and many in the developing economies have fallen into situations of poverty. In search for the proper response to the crisis, various governments have turned to stimulus spending as a strategy to preserve and create jobs for their affected citizenry. The ILO tripartite constituents – government, workers and employers – designed a Global Jobs Pact (GJP) during the International Labour Conference in 2009. The GJP serves as a guiding framework to national and international policies aimed at stimulating economic recovery, generating jobs and providing protection to working people and their families. It seeks to promote a job-intensive recovery from the crisis. The Pact is built around the principles of the ILO’s Decent Work agenda. It looks at the issues of employment generation and sustainable enterprises. It emphasizes the need for a basic social protection floor. It calls attention to the importance of protecting and promoting rights at work in a crisis situation. It encourages the practice of social dialogue and collective bargaining as critical tools to identify priorities and assist in policy design and implementation. It calls for implementing measures quickly in a coordinated manner, and for integrating gender concerns throughout. The GJP is the response of the ILO and its tripartite constituency to the global crisis. The Pact contains a package of crisis-response and recovery measures. It is not a one-size-fitsall solution, but a portfolio of policy options that countries can adapt to their specific needs and situation. Indeed, a coherent and credible agenda for a rich-job recovery can only result from an in-depth national policy debate and consultation among policy makers and key stakeholders. Since 2001, the Philippines has adopted the Decent Work Common Agenda outlining projects and activities that will help workers, employers and government, achieve the major objectives of Decent Work. The current global crisis could be seen as an opportunity to craft stronger short term and long term responses that can incorporate key elements from the framework of the Global Jobs Pact and help the country restore viable economic growth, employment generation and poverty eradication.

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