Employers’ Demand for Child Labor in the Pyrotechnics and Fashion Accessories Industries in the Philippines

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The literature on child labor has largely focused on the supply side determinants, i.e., the causes of child labor from the perspective of the family and its economic decisions. In contrast, this study examines the demand side factors—the rationale of employers for employing child labor based on the differences they perceive between adult and child labor. Specifically, the objectives of the study are to determine and analyze 1) the main reasons for using child labor in selected industries and communities, 2) the socioeconomic contexts of the industries and communities selected for the study, and 3) the employers’ perspectives on the employment of child labor vis-a-vís other types of labor, and related issues. The aim is to use the findings of the study to formulate policies that will address the child labor problem from the demand side, particularly in the pyrotechnics and fashion accessories industries.