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The data describe characteristics, operations, utilities, and fuels used in the production of 115 manufacturing and agro-industrial firms in Philippine special economic zones. The data include information on the firm's production, sales, and schedules; electricity sources, requirements, and uses; the importance of various conventional fuels, and the firms’ fuel expenditure in their major production processes. The data also include their employee's aptitude, knowledge, considerations, and opinions on alternative fuels and primary energies, and experiences in using them. The data were gathered through a series of focus group discussions (FGDs) in June 2019 and an online survey conducted in August to September 2019. The data can be used in the analysis of energy consumption and expenditure of manufacturing and agro-industrial firms in the Philippines. The respondents’ knowledge of and perceptions toward adopting alternative fuels in their firms’ production processes are useful in the analysis of future energy demand.