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Low-productivity subsistence agriculture still prevails in many areas in the Philippines such as in the Municipality of Lake Sebu in the Province of South Cotabato in Mindanao. This study employs primary data collection methods; namely key informant interview (KII); focus group discussion (FGD) and a household survey to assess the conditions and problems constraining farming households in Lake Sebu. The study finds that constraints on sourcing and financing of farm inputs and on marketing of produce have perpetuated the dominating role of middlemen in agricultural financing and marketing that result in high input prices and low farm-gate output prices; and hence minimal net income for the farmers. The paper concludes with specific policy and program recommendations to achieve maximum and sustainable farming benefits; namely; an expansive farm-to-market infrastructure program; an institution and business support intervention program to link farmers and markets; conditional cash farming subsidies in lieu of direct provision of farm inputs; and crop diversification promotion and support programs.