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The data derives from a survey of teachers who competed at the national level in the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. Search for Outstanding Teachers in the Philippines from 1988 to 2010. Conducted in March-September 2014, the survey has complete information from 252 national winners and finalists. The survey collected data on teachers’ professional profile, socio-demographic characteristics, community involvement, socioeconomic characteristic of the teachers’ household including income and expenditure, and their overall perception on the search for process. It also collected information from school heads. The data collected by the survey from the school head include statistics on the educational profile of their teachers, performance indicators of the school, physical characteristics of the school, and school head's general assessment of colleagues and overall perception on the search process. The survey also includes information about the financial literacy of teachers. The dataset is in comma-separated values file (.csv) with accompanying data dictionary (.txt). The questionnaire is also included in data supplementary appendix. This data article is related to the research article, “Awards and Recognition: Do they Matter in Teachers’ Income Trajectory?” Ravago and Mapa, 2020, where data interpretation and analysis can be found.