A Non-Intrusive Water Consumption Monitoring System

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Water is an essential resource for humans as it is used in many activities for both leisure and hygiene. However; the technology available in monitoring water consumption is limited to the traditional flowmeter. Households and small buildings rely only on the end-of-month billing by the water distributor. This study presents a water monitoring system that uses a pressure sensor which is a non-intrusive method of determining water activity. Aside from calculating the volume of water consumed; the system implements fixture recognition using machine learning as its main feature. This provides more information to users allowing them to identify appliances or fixtures that consume a lot of water. Multiple test sites were used with varying pipe networks from building restrooms to houses to see its viability. Results show that the fixture recognition; using preprocessing techniques; improved in performance with accuracy 88 %; precision of 91 %; recall at 88 %; leading to an f1-score of 87 %.