Remote and Real-time Sensor System for Groundwater Level and Quality

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The increasing demand for freshwater supply in the Philippines forces unsustainable extraction and unintentional contamination of the groundwater reservoirs. It is thus imperative that the groundwater sources be monitored for water level and quality. The Philippines has groundwater monitoring wells strategically installed in locations identified as critical areas. Accessibility of location and high cost of provisions and logistics prevent proper maintenance and continuous monitoring of these groundwater wells. This project addresses these by deploying a remote real-time groundwater level and quality sensor system. The groundwater wells initially monitored are located over three sites in Metro Manila, namely, Malabon, Marikina, and Alabang. Each site has a sensor system that collects and transmits seven parameters related to static water level and water quality and the deployed module's power status. With a solar charging component, the deployed module can power itself for at least 6 months with minimal maintenance. The system delivers the maximum transmission reliability of 92% in the field with hourly sending rates and more than satisfies the required one data set per day minimum by the funding agency.