Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring with Combinations of Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Metabolic Heat Conformation Technology Using Multivariate Analysis Approach

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Diabetes Mellitus is among the top global health concern. It was reported by World Health Organization that millions of death was caused by diabetes and has been predicted that will increase in the next coming years. Hence monitoring of blood glucose level should be done since diabetes has not yet been proclaimed to be a curable disease. Current existing methods used to measure blood glucose concentration are still predominantly and minimally invasive which involves pricking of finger or in another way to take blood samples. In this research, multi-technology -based non-invasive glucose monitoring system is being studied to measure blood glucose concentration level. The use of Near infrared spectroscopy and Metabolic Heat Conformation study is being conducted. The data gathered in Near Infrared Spectroscopy and conformation from different temperatures has been weighted using multivariate analysis. Fifteen participants were tested and data were calculated through Clarke Error Grid Analysis and percent error for validation. With CEGA, the results fall to region A which is estimated glucose value deviates for ±20% from the actual value with a percent error of 1.29%.