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To align with the recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization regarding eHealth, this study aims to develop a concept design of a suitable data warehouse for healthcare using electronic medical recording of ECG-EMG. This concept design once implemented aims to assist health care providers in improving patient’s healthcare data management. The system consists of three main layer: data source layer; software application layer; and data service database layer. The data source layer consists of patient profile, patient consultation, and patient test. Patient test was conducted using Olimex ECG-EMG shield and NI myDAQ module. The software application layer, developed using Labview 2012 is the main user interface. It allows users to access and store data into the database. The data service database layer is the main data warehouse, developed using MySQL with stored procedures. Five male respondents between 22-44 years old have been identified as respondents for the ECG-EMG test. Validation of the ECG test results was done by a licensed physician. After conducting ECG-EMG tests on five respondents and duly validated by a licensed physician, the researchers have proven that this study entitled Concept Design of a Labview-MySQL Data Warehouse for Digital Recording of ECG-EMG can be used for electronic medical recording.

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