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The electronics industry in the Philippine is the largest contributor to the manufacturing sector within the country. The Philippines is also considered the fastest growing economy in the region where its electronics products are among its top exports. The manufacturing of new electronics devices that comes with the emerging technologies translate to new processes that require new equipment that poses challenges to the industry. Thus, innovative solutions are developed by the engineers to improve and increase the production yield. This study presents the development of a monitoring system that is interfaced to an existing wirebonding machine as a means of improving production yield. The system detects and records the bouncing of the “area under bond” which is identified as a major cause of product rejection. The Arduino-based microcontroller takes the U/SG (Ultrasonic Generator/Gain) signals from the machine. The Raspberry pi monitors the real-time signal provided by the microcontroller and compares the signal from the database module with trained signals. Tests run show that the system can detect the signals and present it in a “.csv” file format. Twenty (20) units of a specific electronic device were tested to identify between good and defective device.