Wireless power consumption monitoring and analysis system using Winter's forecasting method

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The Philippines is one of the rising economies in Southeast Asia. However, it is facing a power crisis where there is a continuous increases in an already huge demand in electricity given the limited and scare supply from different power sectors. Consumers are called to be aware of their power consumption and make necessary efforts towards the smart and efficient use of it. As a response, the proponents developed an appliance-level system that monitors and analyzes power consumption. The monitoring subsystem was implemented through a portable hardware black box which includes the power meter sensor, an Arduino microcontroller clone board and a ZigBee shield for wireless transmission to a microcomputer. The Raspberry Pi microcomputer served as a temporary local server for the sync node and the gateway for the data to be stored in an online database. From this, the analysis subsystem retrieves the consolidated data to undergo both retrospective and Winter's forecasting technique. All necessary information, figures and graphs will be presented to the user for interpretation through a simple web application. Overall, the study fulfills its vision of giving people the power over their utility bills by being a tool for raising awareness towards responsibly reducing power consumption to a more efficient use.