Rainfall monitoring using acoustic sensors

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This study is about the design, development, and field testing of acoustic sensors for rain measurements. An Android-based acoustic sensor is designed and tested. The sensor can upload data files to a web server, and can trigger an SMS alarm when rainfall data exceeds safety thresholds. An Arduino-based acoustic sensor is also designed and tested, which is an alternative, low-cost acoustic sensor for rainfall. Rainfall data from the sensors are graphed, analyzed, and compared vis-à-vis to data from tipping bucket rain gauges. We report, for the first time, the performance of an acoustic rain sensor and a tipping bucket in the same device integrated with an Android phone. This new configuration shows the difference between a real-time acoustic rain sensor and a tipping bucket, which is an accumulation sensor. The analysis features and performance of the acoustic sensors directs to the development of low-cost devices for gathering rain data, which can supplement standard rain measurement devices.