Towards the Development of WellFix: A Mobile-based Multi-Job Platform.

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We envision a community of well-maintained houses through the assistance of service providers (i.e., highly skilled individuals). In social entrepreneurship, it is desirable to empower local highly skilled workers within the community, thereby creating jobs not bound by the corporate environments. Toward this goal, this study determined the design considerations of WellFix -- a mobile-based system that allows posting of a wide range of on-demand services by the customers. An online content-validated survey form was distributed to 282 respondents to determine the initial design considerations of the mobile-based system. It was found that the client mostly needed house cleaning (59%), laundry (50%), carpentry (24%), electrical wiring (23%), and plumbing (15%) services. Respondents also reported that their walls (34%), roofs (33%), electrical outlets (30%), sinks (26%), and faucets (22%) need repairs. It is therefore concluded that the system must be able to handle different job requests and have potential contributions to the community. Future works were also discussed.