Design of a Disaster Information System using Mobile Cloud Wireless Mesh with Delay Tolerant Network

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There is a constant need to develop platforms and systems for communication and information sharing when infrastructure is unavailable or when available communication systems are weak. This stems from the recognition of the importance of disaster preparedness and risk reduction management especially in the context of a disaster-prone country like the Philippines. This paper presents a Mobile Cloud System for relay of intelligent information when infrastructure is either weak or down. This proposed system is designed to have high mobility and multi-platform integration capabilities which best fits the disaster scenario. The system implements Wireless Mesh Network (WMN), Delay Tolerant (DTN) and Mobile cloud caching capabilities. Mobile Cloud nodes are pre-positioned in a classroom environment which are most likely used as evacuation centers during disasters. Hence, in peace time they serve as nodes for education but become an information system for disaster management during a disaster scenario. Mobile Cloud nodes are cached with key information and data as well as key web applications that are necessary for disaster-preparedness and risk reduction. Key web applications cached on the nodes include decision support applications i.e. messaging, tracking, streaming and alerting. Mobile Cloud clients in the form of mobile devices i.e. mobile phones, tablets and laptops can communicate amongst each other thru their access of the key web applications hosted on the Mobile Cloud System.