A Digital Twin Approach of A-vent Wireless Sensor for Real-Time and Predictive Monitoring of Patient Ventilator Asynchrony

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Prior to the recent work on a low-cost Ateneo mechanical ventilator machine named A-vent, this study demonstrated a simple Digital Twin approach for a real-time monitoring system that can be useful to any mechanical ventilator unit. Previous research concentrated on A-vent design, Near Cloud data caching, and Machine Learning model development. However, it lacks Internet of Things capabilities for remote monitoring applications. This work incorporates new software components to a Near Cloud server that stores and monitors the ventilator and patient data across the wireless network. Wireless sensor nodes attached to the A-vent and patient interaction model capture the time-series waveform of the ventilator, its predictive analysis, and oximeter values. The data queries command displays the data stored in the Near Cloud databases on the monitoring dashboard. It shows a digital representation of the system, allowing real-time updates to be viewed remotely and easily comprehended.