Sustainable Technologies for Environment-Friendly and Ecological Resilience

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We were able to deploy 450 W solar photovoltaic (PV) components for three houses in Naga City, Philippines, that powered solar fans, LED lighting, Clean Water System, NearCloud device, and image transmission via radio. Each clean water system gives 200 L of drinking water after one hour of cleaning. Vegetable growth parameters in hydroponics setup are sent through LoRa-based sensors and are remotely monitored through IoT analytics platform. The domestic liquid waste treatment system reduces the bacteria to 10% which makes it suitable for watering of plants. Partner schools use the Ateneo Innovation Center’s (AIC) NearCloud device for wireless dissemination of learning modules to students. The image transmission device can send pictures during emergencies, without a need for a signal. The brick stove and oven use residual heat for water heating while cooking. This Sustainable Technologies for Environment-Friendly and Ecological Resilience (STEER) project gives opportunities for communities to use seven innovative technologies with efficient and economical devices that are neatly incorporated in an eco-resilient house.