Thin Film-Based Gires–Tournois Resonator (GTR) as Quasi-optical Analogue of the Thomas Rotation Angle Effect in Special Relativity

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We present an unconventional approach to generate an optical analogue of the Thomas rotation angle found in Special Relativity (SR) by using a thin-film–based Gires–TournoisResonator (GTR). At first glance, the phase response of the GTR seems to fail as an optical analogue for the Thomas rotation angle in the phase domain but we demonstrate that an analogue can be successfully constructed in the intensity domain by combining the GTR with a Michelson interferometer (MI), thus forming an interferometer known as the Michelson–Gires–Tournois Interferometer (MGTI). Thomas rotation angle is a spatial rotation of the reference frame due to the Einstein velocity addition (EVA) law of two successive relativistic velocities travelling in non-collinear directions, whereas, the GTR is a thin-film based asymmetric Fabry–Perot resonator (FPR) with a partially reflecting front mirror, and a 100% rear-reflecting mirror. We investigate in detail, both analytically and numerically, the Thomas rotation angle’s full behaviour under various parameter conditions. This approach offers the following advantages: (i) it leads to a simpler overall configuration, (ii) it measures the Thomas rotation angle directly requiring only a single optical parameter instead of multiple parameters compared with other methods, and (iii) it requires no sophisticated multilayer thin film design.