University Campus 5G Testbed and Use Case Deployments in the Philippines

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We will report on one of the first demonstrations of mobile cloud use cases in the 5G paradigm for smart transport systems in a university campus setting in the Philippines. Globally, 2019 has been identified as a watershed year for the demonstration of business cases for 5G, and this year many network operators are exploring how quickly and effectively traction and engagement can be gained from existing business and partner relationships. The Ateneo de Manila University is a unique academic partner as its Loyola Heights campus houses an eclectic collection of research institutions, grade school to graduate school units and a creative hub for the arts. In this presentation we will provide an overview of our ongoing efforts to deploy, commission and explore use cases in 5G communications for a 5G campus testbed. In particular we will discuss implementations of caching, mesh networking, and the first demonstration of a smart transportation hub using 5G and mobile cloud architectures in academic settings as well as for applications in sustainable and resilient communities.