Towards the Development of a Blockchain-based Decentralized Digital Credential System using Hyperledger Fabric for Participatory Governance

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The Philippines’ ICT agenda to promote participatory e-Governance, industry and countryside development, and ICT user protection and information security can be addressed by Blockchain. This study used Hyperledger Fabric to develop a Blockchain network for a secured and validated system for issuing, distributing, and sharing digital credentials. For the initial prototype, the network was tested on two use cases: national identification system and academic credentials. Chaincodes were developed for each type of digital credential and deployed into designated Channels in the network. Initial results show that a Blockchain-based system using the Hyperledger Fabric framework is feasible for developing a secure digital credential platform. The current architecture can support the implementation of the initial use cases and can also accommodate the addition of new use cases in the future. The current iteration of our work provides the groundwork for developing a production-level ready platform. Future work for this study includes the development of the end-user web application where users can interact with the network and initiate transactions. The deployment of the Blockchain network may pave the way toward decentralized e-Participatory governance.