CREDERE: A Modular Blockchain Implementation for the Issuance, Sharing, and Verification of Digital Credentials

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Shared loosely online through multiple unsecured platforms necessitates priority in the development of more secured tracking of issuance, sharing, access, and usage of digital credentials. This paper presents the design and development of CREDERE, a Blockchain-enabled platform for storage, processing, and sharing of digital credentials within the context of academic credentials and national identification. Blockchain technology is considered a potential solution to addressing gaps in existing credentials management systems. To set up the platform, a Hyperledger Fabric network was first deployed. A permissioned Blockchain model was selected because identity management is needed in maintaining the privacy of personal information and preventing unauthorized access to digital credentials. Chaincode was developed and deployed in specific Channels in the network. A web interface was also developed to allow users to interact with the Blockchain network and initiate transactions. The initial implementation shows that the development of a modular Blockchain-based web application for digital credentials is feasible. Two types of digital credentials were initially implemented in order to test the modularity of the Blockchain design. Future work includes the full deployment of a decentralized Hyperledger network, issuance of actual digital credentials, testing and validation on new types of digital credentials, and user validation and satisfaction studies.