Rapid Application Development of Ebayanihan Patroller: A Crowdsourcing SMS Service and Web Visualization Disaster Reporting System

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As a country frequented by natural disasters, it is important for Philippines and its citizens to unite and work together in mitigating the effects of natural disasters. eBayanihan came from the term bayanihan which refers to the widespread Philippine tradition and spirit of communal unity and effort to achieve a common objective. Having information at the most opportune moment is key to saving lives and property during occurrences of natural disasters as well as providing immediate relief to the victims. When regular citizens take part in providing information to authorities that may respond to critical situations, more tragedies may be averted and more needs may be alleviated. Leveraging on the high penetration rate of SMS services in the country, eBayanihan Patroller provides a crowdsourcing SMS service that will allow every Filipino to provide the information needed for informed decision-making.