Validating UI through UX in the Context of a Mobile - Web Crowdsourcing Disaster Management Application

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A significant role of good user interface design is to enhance user experience. Keywords and icons are heavily used in mobile applications because of the limited screen size and small keypad interface. In creating a mobile based crowdsourcing application to motivate citizens to report disaster events and experiences, use of keywords and icons should be intuitive, have high recall and make reporting accurate. This paper discusses the user validation results of user interface design through user experience measured by intuitiveness, recall, and accuracy. For keywords, results showed that keywords were appropriate however there is a need to include selection of multiple keywords as well as language translated into native tongue. For icons, intuitiveness score were relatively high for most icons. Icons that had low recognition were because of multiple interpretations. Recall scores increased significantly after training. Enhancing user experience using simulation scenarios increased responsiveness but decreased correct submissions. This study shows that engagement increases if simulations depict real scenarios making the system relevant to its intended users.