Real Network Traffic Data with PCAP in a Software-Defined Networking Test Framework for Quality of Service Mechanisms

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an advancement in the field of computer networking. Previous studies have built SDN frameworks to test the performance of Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms more easily than traditional networks. A limitation of previous work in this field is the use of synthetic traffic. This research aims to extend the previous study through the use of real-world network traffic data, packet captures, in achieving more accurate and realistic performance tests. This was done through the use of PCAP file replay and minor framework modifications. The results of the PCAP file tests show that the performance comparison of leaf-enforced and core-enforced algorithms are consistent as those in previous studies. The results show that in Basic CBQ 53.33% of 30 trials showed leaf advantage, in Source CBQ 70% of 30 trials showed leaf advantage, in Destination CBQ 100% of 30 trials showed leaf advantage, and in Source-Destination CBQ 70% of 30 trials showed leaf advantage.