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For People and Planet: An SDG Adventure refers to a freely available Android-based narrative adventure game and teacher resource pack that helps learners see the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their day-to-day lives. In this paper, we describe the results of an evaluation of both the game and the resource pack by eight (8) middle school teachers. After playing the game and reading the resource pack, teachers gave their feedback about what they liked best and least about the materials, how they could use these resources for their classes, and how these resources could be improved further. Overall, teachers’ feedback was positive. They complemented the game’s visuals and sound design and appreciated the game’s contextualization. They affirmed the relevance of the game’s contents to their lessons and the usefulness of the teacher resource pack as it provided them with notes, additional activities, and sample assessments. They gave some useful suggestions such as the need for more visual cues within the game and tutorials for the mini-games, and glossary of terms for the teacher resource pack. The game and resource pack underwent some revision following the feedback of the teachers. Performing the user test was essential to ensuring the quality of the game and the resource pack, and to increase the probability that the game will actually be used in schools.