Sixth International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (CATS2015)

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Culture has a profound effect on the way people interact with, react to, think and feel about knowledge, symbols, situations, etc. Yet it is underestimated in AIED research. Most of the currently influential learning systems have indeed been created by and for developed world contexts and with Western cultural perspectives in mind. However in recent years, more and more opportunities to design, develop, and deploy educational software for and in different contexts have emerged. This state of affairs naturally leads to broader questions. What features of culture are important to consider in the design process? Can software designed and developed in a specific cultural context transfer to other parts of the world and remain effective? The answers to these questions remain unclear although a growing body of research suggests that the use of AIED systems across cultural contexts results in variations of the knowledge acquisition process. Over the last seven years, Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (CATS) workshops have been organized in conjunction with ITS2008, AIED2009, ITS2010, AIED2013, and ITS2014. The series is a venue for researchers to reflect on the universality of their work. CATS2015 thus proposes to discuss culture and AIED from five perspectives: 1. Developing both pedagogical strategies and system infrastructure mechanisms that incorporate cultural features to enculturate AIED systems; 2. Designing acquisition-oriented CATS, i.e. AIED systems to teach cultural knowledge and intercultural skills; 3. Designing adaptation-oriented CATS, i.e. AIED systems that can be personalized overtly or automatically based on users’ cultural profiles; 4. Considering human features that are connected with the learning process, and that are culturally-sensitive, e.g. affect, behavior, cognition, or motivation; and 5. Considering cultural biases in the AIED research cycle. In addition to describing the current state of the art in these domains, the workshop engages participants in working to expand the reach of AIED research to a greater global audience, including those disadvantaged due to a lack of resources or other obstacles. Overseeing the quality of CATS2015 papers was a program committee of 37 members from Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The program committee members were well-versed in AIED, culture, technology, and other relevant fields. The committee selected 4 full papers and 1 short paper for inclusion in this year’s workshop. We thank all the program committee members and authors for contributing their time and expertise to making CATS2015 possible. We also thank the Workshop Chairs and the Organizing Committee of AIED2015 for including CATS in this year’s conference.

Ma Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Emmanuel G. Blanchard, Amy Ogan, & Isabela Gasparini

The CATS2015 Co-Chairs