Bottom Up Approach and Devolved Design of a Health Information System: eHealth TABLET

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Health care is expensive in the Philippines because of the lack of medical experts and facilities that are able to reach remote areas in the country. At the same time, access to real time health information is also undermined by several layers of paper based data entry. In areas where there are existing information systems, the burden is placed on the health worker in using several information systems to address various health concerns. This paper presents eHealth TABLET (Technology Assisted Boards for Local government unit Efficiency and Transparency), a local mobile (tablet-based) electronic medical record system and dashboard for decision making (coupled with a Doctor-Mayor communication feature) designed to answer problems in accessibility, efficiency and transparency following a bottom up approach and devolved approach in designing the system. As a local Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, it provides the municipalities with a tailor-fit simple patient record system to better address the needs of their patients. As a health dashboard, it provides accurate and real-time visualizations of local patient data for decision-making purposes. As a messaging system, it provides a more efficient and transparent communication system between the Mayor (Local Chief Executive) and the Doctor (Health Officer).