Game over! Debriefing as an essential part of the learning process

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Graduate schools of business use computer simulations to achieve a wide variety of pedagogical ends. They are venues for teamwork. They give students realistic experiences in a safe environment. They allow experimentation. However, the learning process is not complete unless students have the opportunity to reflect upon and criticize the events that transpire during the simulation. The purpose of this paper is to examine the debriefing process both as a means of student assessment and as an activity to further learning. This paper shall discuss the simulation and debriefing methodology followed by one Asian graduate business school conducts. This paper will also elaborate on the benefits the debriefing experience affords both faculty and students. Examples of these benefits include the following: the debriefings allow students to critique the business strategies they adopt during the simulation; students are able to verbalize the need for teamwork and cooperation; they express gratitude for jobs well done or else point out failures in communication; finally, the feedback also gave the professor a basis for improving the simulation and debriefing experience.