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Evaluation criteria are adapted from previous textbook analyses on the nature of science (NOS) in general chemistry textbooks. These criteria are used to determine how certain NOS dimensions are mentioned and elaborated in those textbooks. Such dimensions emphasize that chemistry is (1) tentative, (2) empirical, (3) model-based, (4) inferential, (5) has technological products, (6) employs instrumentation, and (7) possesses social and societal dimensions. Three book chapters were read and evaluated: the first (on chemistry in general); the second (on atomic structure); and the sixth or seventh chapters (on the electronic structure of atoms). The relevant content in each textbook were rated using the following rubric: Satisfactory and Explicit (S, 2 points); Mention and Implicit (M, 1 point); and No Mention (N, 0 point). Silberberg (2009) has the highest score among the six textbooks with 12 points out of the maximum of 14. It was rated S for five criteria, the most among the six textbooks. Despite the presence of some N evaluations, all textbooks have mentioned some or all of the NOS dimensions formulated, resulting to M and S ratings. This study concludes that NOS dimensions are already present in various ways and varying degrees in each textbook.