Interaction of Diatom Silica with Graphene

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In this present work, the synthesis and characterization of graphene-diatom silica were studied. Diatom silicagraphene composite was prepared via the adsorption of graphene suspension into diatom silica extracted from 3 different species, namely Amphora sp., Navicula ramossisira and Skeletonema sp. The adsorption proceeded to yield a black solid material that is composed of silica and graphene. The concentrations of graphene in the 3 diatom species based on thermogravimetric and UV-Vis spectroscopic methods were 0.306 mg/mL, 0.449 mg/mL and 0.188 mg/mL for Amphora sp., Navicula ramossisira and Skeletonema sp., respectively. Raman spectroscopy of the graphene-diatom silica revealed band shifts in the D, G and 2D peaks which are indicative of an interaction between graphene and diatom silica. Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) images also illustrate presence of graphene on diatom silica.