Design and Development of an Ontology Driven Search Engine for a Mobile Cloud Asynchronous Remote Learning Platform

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In the face of a global pandemic, the digital divide has become apparent especially in bandwidth-constrained countries. As contactless remote services have become increasingly necessary in the face of limited human mobility, remote learning has become the norm. To support remote learning, the research team developed a resilient asynchronous remote learning and content distribution platform as a digital library. Collaborating with corresponding stakeholders, the scope of content for the initial iterations of the platform was curated to accommodate resources for STEM educational content.Among the initial feedback for the prototype, there is a need for a consolidated means of retrieving information and resources across content channels while adhering to the prescribed Philippine K-12 curriculum. As such, the researcher proposes an implementation of an ontology-driven search engine deployed on the remote learning platform. The search engine will use an ontology encompassing the K-12 curriculum and an index of curated content across the educational content-hosting services within the digital library. This study develops a system to reliably retrieve and recommend contextually relevant results with the use of semantic web annotations and semantic information retrieval techniques to improve upon classical information retrieval.