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This study aimed to reiterate the use of Chemistry demonstrations as effective teaching tools to students while addressing some of its drawbacks, which discourages teachers from doing them such as cost and safety. Four chosen existing Chemistry demonstrations (Blue Bottle Experiment, Copper Sulfate Experiment, Blown Away, Dancing Flames) were modified by using substitute reagents, which are more accessible, relatively safer, and at lower cost. These demonstrations were chosen based on how easily the substitute reagents will be obtained. Afterwards, with the permission of a private junior high school, they were presented to a group of Grade 9 students of their choosing. The students were asked to evaluate each demonstration using a Likert scale-based questionnaire. This questionnaire rates each demonstration in terms of aesthetics, the materials and procedure done, effectiveness to explain certain Chemistry topics, safety, and the students’ overall judgment regarding the use of demonstrations as teaching tools. By converting their evaluation to quantitative values, the demonstrations scored high in all major categories. With this, it is highly recommended to explore other Chemistry demonstrations for possible modifications, which can be integrated in lecture classes.