Studies on Standards for Commercial Virgin Coconut Oil

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A minimum set of analytical methods is recommended for the differentiation of virgin coconut oil (VCO) from refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil (RBD CNO): % fatty acid composition,% moisture by Karl Fischer (0.10%), % volatile matter at 120°C (0.10-0.20%), % free fatty acids as lauric acid (0.2%), peroxide value (3 meq/kg), and microbial contamination by colony forming units (<10 cfu/mL). The% fatty acid composition was determined using an internal standard and molecular weight correction from the fatty acid methyl ester to the fatty acid. This method yields absolute amounts of fatty acid in the oil. The absolute amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid can be used to replace the iodine value. Principal components analysis of the fatty acid composition indicates that it is not affected by the processing method.